Gerli A. Chantelle

Gerli Alessandra Chantelle

Gerli Alessandra Chantelle

Designer & Founder

Born and raised in Estonia, the Estonian designer Gerli A. Chantelle explores and proposes collections that bring to life her Visions of Elegance.

Gerli A. Chantelle offers high-quality luxury clothes for men & women, with a clear signature look, including handcraft and timeless design.

Prepare to be amazed!

Clearly inspired by flowers and royal touch, she has dedicated her passion to creating a line where her attention to details and use of different fashion techniques sculpt the feminine body in an exceptional way.

The few high-end pieces that compose each collection are hand made in an exquisite workshop in Estonia and feature only the most precious fabrics, embroideries and cuts.

Delicate silks and laces, detailed Swarovski embroideries, feminine lines, refined flower inspired and feathery shapes, unique models, all contribute to proposing confident and fresh aesthetics for an edgy but sophisticated look.

The Gerli A. Chantelle brand currently proposes exceptional luxurious designs always accentuating the individuality, personality & femininity of the modern women’s silhouette.

These Estonian hand made creations are available in selected stores or on demand and promise an everlasting feeling of Elegance.